Legal notice of the Lebanese Formula 3 racing team Cedars Auto Sport, created by Youssef Jammal

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1. Preliminary information

The present document is providing the General Conditions of Use of the website published at and  to which anyone wishing to navigate on the Site should comply.
The access to the Site and every activity that implies the navigation on the corresponding web pages constitutes full acceptance of the General Conditions.
If the User does not intent to accept the General Conditions, he/she must abstain from navigating on the pages of the Site. Everyone accessing the Site implicitly declares that he/she shall not use the Site and all its material for unlawful use or in any case for any use contrary to the applicable laws.
The General Conditions may be modified by Cedars Autosport without giving any notice to the Users, which are in any case bound to read the conditions periodically before the access to contents of the Site. The access to the Site after these modifications implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions modified in such a way.
Whereas in the pages of the Site are offered products and services or presented contents subject to special terms and conditions as described in such pages, these special conditions will prevail on the present General Conditions. 

2. Content of the Site


The official Cedars Autosport web site is an instrument of information and entertainment of Cedars main events; the Site has the purpose of providing a wide range of promotional and commercial activities of Cedars of products and services offered and on the corresponding ways to take advantage of it.

All the contents of the Site (news, photos, video files, audio files, trademarks, logos, domain names, software, graphic layout, technical certification and User manuals, etc) and the corresponding rights are hereby expressly reserved and for this reason all the material can be consulted only for personal use, being expressly forbidden any other use without the express prior written permission of Cedars Autosport. 

What the site offers

On the Site may be available different links related to third parties websites and to other companies controlled by Cedars Autosport. The hypertext links have the only function of making the navigation easier for the User, without any sort of relationship between the content of the Site and the third party site linked. In addition, Cedars Autosport informs that it has no power to control the third parties' web sites linked to the Site and on the authenticity, correctness and adequacy of the products and/or the information contained in such web sites. If on the linked site the User will find special terms of use, these special terms will prevail on the General Conditions.

3. Copyright and other intellectual property rights

All the content of the Site is subject and protected by the applicable copyright and intellectual property laws.

Reproduction, transmission or extraction, in whole or in part of any material contained within the Site is strictly prohibited and it is also prohibited any other activity which may damage the legitimate interest of the author and /or the other owners of rights upon the contents of the Site.

The Site and all its content can be used exclusively for personal, research or educational purposes, with the prohibition of any direct or indirect commercial use, provided that the rights owner are duly quoted and no modification will take place on such contents.

As an example for the content of the Site is intended (including but not limited to) the following:

- Texts
- Photos;
- Movies;
- Database;
- Graphs and spreadsheet;
- Slogans;
- Audio reproductions;
- Drawings (animated or not);
- Any other graphic and /or textual representation.

It's not allowed to copy and/or to reproduce in whole or in a part the content of the Site without the express authorization of Cedars Autosport. 
At the same time, Cedars Autosport is the sole owner of all the trademarks, domain names, company names and signs present on the Site, which are protected by the applicable intellectual property laws. In the light of above any sort of reproduction in whatever shape or way without the express prior authorization of Cedars Autosport of the above mentioned contents is strictly forbidden and at the same time is also prohibited the registration of the trademark “Cedars Autosport” in any top level domain.

The User is also informed that some pages on the Site may also contain third parties trademarks, domain names, company names cooperating with Cedars Autosport and to which is granted the same protection of the distinctive signs of Cedars Autosport pursuant to the applicable intellectual property laws.

Cedars Autosport informs that is strictly forbidden any use of all the distinctive signs of Cedars Autosport, as metatags and/or each html language command which, even if not implying the displaying or the formatting of a certain command, provides in any case instructions to electronic agents or to search engines in order to reach - in an easier way - a website different from one of Cedars Auto sport.

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