Free practices in Spa Francorchamps


After working on their cars settings and aerodynamics in Valencia's tests last week, Cedars team is finally in Spa for this weekend races.

In todays free practices, our pilots continued improving their driving and adapting to their F3 cars on Francorchamps circuit.

For some of them it's not their first race here: Noel, Matteo and Alex have previous experiences on this track. In revenge, Moises Soriano is doing his first race in Spa.


The times and positions during free practice (F.P.) 1:

N.Jammal 8th place, M.Beretta 9th, A.Boquoi Toril 4th (class C). Unfortunately and due to a blow up tire, M.Soriano wasn't able to continue the race.

The times and positions during F.P.2:

Surprisingly M.Soriano came 1rst (class C), which confirms his talent, M.Beretta 8th place, A. Boquoi Toril 4th (class C) and N.Jammal 14th, delay caused by a broke engine support bar and using old tires (in opposing to others).