Brands Hatch : Race 2


The second race in Brands Hactch was not easy on Cedars pilots, as despite their engine problems and small accidents, they kept on fighting throughout all the race to get pole positions.


Noel Jammal, made a very good qualifying session, which placed him 5th on the grid for the race, in which, when he was besieging the fourth position pilot Sistos, rolling clearly faster than him, Noel's car had an irregular failure in motor that made ​​him lose many positions. which lead to an accident that pushed him off track forcing him to go to change the nose and front wing of the car. From there began a desperate comeback, unfolding rivals and achieving the 4th fastest lap of the race, showing that he had fought for the podium if it wasn't  for mechanical problems that dragged throughout the weekend.

 Moises Soriano closed the weekend with a third place in the drawer, after being 2nd in the qualifications, due to an eventful career, the same way he got this podium. He could have finished off track due to a hit he had with another driver, otherwise he would have won the category. After making the second fastest time again in his class, he failed somewhere out, a fact that clearly denotes lack of experience. But then in the race he had a very good performance and managed to make the fastest lap of the cup, despite not winning it.

Alex Boquoi has once again proven that with hard work and determination he's gradually evolving. Getting to a hard circuit without knowing it and with little experience, adding on top a rainy and wet weather, it wasn't easy to deal with. He has known how low to go to make a very good second lap, finishing close to the time that lead to the podium in the category. After the race the pilot showed a drop in engine performance, which by this time the team is working to get his car ready and willing to legendary Paul Ricard circuit.