17 Jul
Brands Hatch : Race 2

The second race in Brands Hactch was not easy on Cedars pilots, as despite their engine problems and small accidents, they kept on fighting throughout all the race to get pole positions.


<... more

14 Jul
Brands Hatch : Qualifying 1

Brands Hatch 1rst day of qualifications went really well for Cedars pilots.

Noel Jammal's fight started among the three top places as he kept on moving from 1srt to third place marking good timings. Unfortunately, due to raining weat... more

14 Jul
3rd Victory for Moises this season in Brands Hatch

We cannot qualify todays race at Brands Hatch as being the most exiting of the season as almost all the pilots ended the race in the positions they started with after qualifications.
Brands Hatch circuit is considered to be a hard and s... more

13 Jul
Brands Hatch Free Practices

Brands Hatch is a tough and dangerous track, mostly for young and fresh pilots like Moises Soriano and Alex Boquoi. These two started the day trying hard not to make mistakes. With Brands hatch changing weather and slipery grass border, it's ha... more

11 Jul
After his victory at Spa, Moises returns to race the rest of the season with Cedars

SPA was not the last race for Moises. more

09 Jul
Brands Hatch: week end schedule

Good Monday Morning Cedars Fans, Family and Friends!
We're starting this sunny week with Brands Hatch (England) race schedule for this week end: ( local timing / +2 Beirut time)
Friday 13th of July:   Fr... more