04 Nov
Race 2 Barcelona: Great victory for Soriano!

Another bitter-sweet day for Cedars team, as while one of his pilots won the pole position, another one suffered a serious crash in the qualifications session, leaving his car beyond reparable on time for the race. Noel Jammal didn't make it to... more

04 Nov
Qualification day 2 in Barcelona: On the run!

Our team strategy in today's qualifications was to start on old tires and then change to new tires in the middle of the qualifications.

Noel was in position 13th when, at the last lap he looses control of his car and spins to hit the... more

03 Nov
Qualification day 1 in Barcelona

 Unlucky start for Cedars pilots in today's qualifications, as Noel finished in the 20th position due to a broken horns, the bracket that supports the engine, and makes the car unbalanced.
Moises had a good start and managed to finish 1... more

03 Nov
Race 1 Barcelona: Podium for Soriano!

Stunning race for Cedars team today as both our drivers managed to overcome their opponents by many positions.
The champion today is Moises Soriano who, despite his last position at start up ,23rd , managed to ... more

02 Nov
Barcelona free practice day

Located in Barcelona the Circuit de Catalunya is seen as an all-rounder circuit because of its long straights and a variety of corners.The wind direction at the circuit can change drastically during the day. It is then hard to ... more

30 Oct
Cedars ambassador for Kunhadi
Kunhadi Sixth Anniversary more